Speakers, Photographs, Electronics

Many of the studio effects used in the history of sound recording have worked to create the illusion of space in the ear of the listener. Reverberations, echos, volume fades, filters, pans and other studio techniques are all virtualizations of real and imagined architectures, landscapes, and locations. Through the interaction of voice and architecture this work seeks to return these spatial effects to their inherent physicality.

Alongside these spatial concerns the imitative capacities of the voice investigate other technological transformations that have become possible with the advent of recorded sound. In this case it is time rather than space that is manipulated. Reversed sounds, edits, loops, and phasing are all referenced through the non-linguistic possibilities of vocalization. Drawing from Rose's past studio work with electroacoustic composition, this work renders the sonic opportunities that are made available through digital recording into a physically realized articulation. By specifically referencing the tools of transformation made possible by studio technology, this installation exposes these processes in a direct and tangible manner.